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Are you looking for a good computer at a decent price?

We sell primarily Dell and Acer Computers. We sell desktops, laptops, and servers.
We also sell used computers. These vary by brand and option based on what we
have in stock that is ready to be sold.

Do you need your computer serviced?

We service all x86 based computers. We have worked with Personal Computers
since they became a business staple in the early 1980's. We focus on Windows
based platforms but we do have some experience with UNIX based systems. We
don't forget about at the servers either. We have real world business experience
with servers for companies ranging in size from two computers to companies with
hundreds of personal computers and dozens of servers.

Do you have questions about your computer network?

Our founder started out in IT before businesses were using computer networks. He
has designed, installed, and supported data networks for decades. We understand
both wired and wireless network and
how to protect them.

Do you need a web site or perhaps a custom desktop application?

We do web site design and building. We can help you design one that reflects your
needs. A marketing site is different from a sales site. We have experience with both
and how to manage them. We can also develop a custom desktop application to
help you solve a specific business need.


We sell and service Personal Computers
We design and install networks
We sell and install servers
We write small custom applications for your desktop
We design and maintain web sites

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Worcester Technologies, Inc
Typical Used Computer
Do you control your
computers or do they control

Unless you can afford a
dedicated IT staff, your
computers probably control
you. They require updates,
cleaning, and regular
maintenance. They need to
be backed up and checked
for viruses. They slow down
as they become choked with
spyware and unwanted
software you no longer use.